Marcus is a Sydney based independent arts and crafts professional.

Everything is valid.

"I once asked Aragon, the historian, how history was written. He said, "You have to invent it." When I wish as now to tell of critical incidents, persons, and events that have influenced my life and work, the true answer is all of the incidents were critical, all of the people influenced me, everything that happened and that is still happening influences me." John Cage's "Autobiographical Statement"(1990)

I don't want to let an idea or even a non idea slip by. What is important to me is trying to capture the peculiar vibration of each idea. To do that idea justice.

"I was disturbed both in my private life and in my public life as a composer. I could not accept the academic idea that the purpose of music was communication, because I noticed that when I conscientiously wrote something sad, people and critics were often apt to laugh. I determined to give up composition unless I could find a better reason for doing it than communication. I found this answer from Gira Sarabhai, an Indian singer and tabla player: The purpose of music is to sober and quiet the mind, thus making it susceptible to divine influences. I also found in the writings of Ananda K. Coomaraswammy that the responsibility of the artist is to imitate nature in her manner of operation. I became less disturbed and went back to work." John Cage's "Autobiographical Statement"(1990)

Hopefully my work achieves this quality of quieting the mind and opening people up to their own creative impulses. Where as Cage wanted to remove himself from the work entirely, celebration the purity of sound, for me it is a conscious decision to create work in this way. It is a line in the sand against a World that relentlessly tells us how to think and act. But it is also a celebration of life. It is fun. It is laughter.

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風,kaze, wind.

風,kaze, wind.