The UK Government U-Turns on Election Promise; dropping plans to give voters the ability to dismiss Members of Parliament for serious wrongdoing. (

Internet_Drifter 474 points 11 hours ago

Until there is a mechanism which allows voters to hold political parties accountable for campaign promises then your vote is effectively a blank cheque that you sign on nothing but blind faith. You voted for Lib Dems on the promise of no tuition fees? Yeah they've done it anyway so you now have to wait 5 years for your next chance to make a difference. What's that, the Conservatives promised to not touch the NHS and instead they've gone and started to dismantle it? Ah well, in 5 years you can write a blank cheque to another party and hopefully that will work out better. If not then there's always 2025!

Think about it, in 25 years you will only get the chance to vote 5 times. In a quarter of a century you will have exactly 5 chances in which you affect any sort of change to your nation. You have literally more rights when buying a cheap radio than you do when selecting the government that runs your nation. If the advertising for the cheap radio states it's white and when you open the box it's red you have more rights than when a political party campaigns on no tuition fees and then introduces £9k fees.

So yeah, remember to vote everyone! Keep that illusion of democracy going. In the meantime Rupert Murdoch, who isn't even a British citizen, has a literal back door entrance to the Prime Minister. Democracy!