Camera: 8 X 10 view camera

  • Lens: Cooke Series XV lens (a 12 1/4 -inch triple convertible with components of 19- and 23-inch focal length).

  • S.E.I Exposure Photometer

  • Film: Kodak Super-Panchro Press film (ASA 200)

  • Filter: Wratten No. 15 (G) filter

  • Exposure: 1/10 second at f/32.

  • Development: water-bath (holds the high values within printable range, but also strengthens the shadow-area contrasts.

  • Paper: Ilford Gallerie Grade 2 with Dektol or
    Oriental Seagull Grade 2 with Selectrrol-Soft and Dektol

  • Exhibition: Mount Williamson was installed in the Family of Man exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, (1955), curated by Edward Steichen, but Adams was disappointed with what he considered a "badly enlarged blow-up" of his work.

So 482.6mm - 584.2mm.

Using 3DEqualizer and the Houdini Heightfield I created and scaled from the ASTER GDEM GeoTIFF as survey I arrived at a focal length of 516mm. Pretty good but the film back is wrong as it is in cm lol. So close. Film back should at least be 6cm but definitely not 24cm. For now it looks good - time to move on. I have chosen not to calculate distortion as it is close enough for my purpose.

Houdini Heightfield lined up with focal length calculated in 3DEqualizer to Ansel Adams' Mount Williamson.

In Maya QC of ground with 1m cubes. It’s looking good!