Probably going to go overboard with this but the goal is to see how far, how much detail can I get out of the Heighfield tools before going to a displacement map. Using an estimated sun based on Long/Lat and a summer afternoon in July which sounds like the time Ansel took the photo.

Global Erode. 42 frame sim. Could possibly do more. Just a really harsh blocking to remove the soft lumpy-ness of the GeoTIFF.

Mask by Feature > Curvature + Height with falloff and blur. Adding back in the rockiness.

Display Layer Maximum combining fine Distort Noise with the previous mask.

2nd pass of Distort Noise + Erosion.

THERMAL erosion wants to turn everything into desert and as such reduces the height and key features of the GeoTIFF peaks.

HYDRO starts eroding the the bottom 1/3 of slopes as that is the main area where water would be built up and moving quickly and as the sim goes it creeps up the mountains and spreads out over the plains.

So need to keep reintroducing the GeoTIFF to maintain the iconic silhouette.

Reintroducing central peak shape.

Well found the limit of my laptops graphics card after 4.5 million voxels and trying the 6th custom Heightfield Erode, display just went blank and came back at 800x600. After cropping do the Heightfield tighter to the camera I’ve managed to resurrect the scene and finalize the bottom 1/3rd. Still quite a few areas I reckon could improve but for now I think this is good enough. Will revisit and try something more efficient from what I have learned.

1.2 million voxels. Some good, some bad.